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“You are so right on! And, great follow up! Thank you so much for meeting with me. It was a real pleasure talking with you. I have much more clarity and confidence to move forward. My new tagline feels very comfortable. I love it! It fits with my specializing in some aspects of marketing and not all. Yes, I agree. Good point about proofreading. Thank you, again. You were very helpful. Thanks for the advice regarding pricing. I understand what you were attempting to tell me." M. J.

“I want to thank you again for a terrific class on Friday. I also want to thank you for the second book... I think you are a wonderful person who will be able to help me find my way in this world.” T. Popkin-Wild

"Well done...well done!  I mean it.  For a first-time fiction writer, your book is up there with the best. The whole time I felt like I was watching a "Criminal Minds" episode. You could be one of the writers for that show!  The story hooked me from the beginning of the prolog.  I loved the characters and the story line was fast but even paced.  There was just the right amount of description without being tedious.  The ending was perfect with just a small hint of maybe a sequel???? I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished.  I expected greatness and you didn't disappoint.  Thank you for allowing me to review your book.  It was a pleasure to get caught up in the moment.  Your Mom would be very  proud of you!" Denise White, Follow: Samuel * Matt * Georgie * Francine


"Your mom would have loved the book, very creepy." S. H. K., Follow: Samuel * Matt * Georgie * Francine


"One of the best railroad books ever. As a long time Southern Pacific railfan I absolutely loved it. I chanced upon a review of this book in Trainline magazine and knew I had to buy it. The author puts you in the right seat of a locomotive and shows you exactly how engineers perform their craft of getting modern trains from origin to destination. The book is a eclectic collection of true-to-life railroad short stories all experienced by the co-author, long time SP/UP engineer John Cockrell as told to his wife and co-author Sheri Cockrell. The stories are complete with authentic railroad vernacular which is defined in an excellent glossary. The time period of these stories begins just as steam was on its last gasp on the SP and first generation diesels were taking over and extends to the 2000s as SP and UP were merging. This is a great read, written by a railroader with the intent of giving us a detailed glimpse into his world. With this book he succeeds magnificently."  M. Kawamura, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition

"I met you both in Colfax. I didn't know what to expect from the book. It was a really exciting presentation of the life of an engineer at work. I had no idea what goes on in the cab of a railroad engine. Whenever I set it down, it kept calling me back for more. Thanks for the insight. "Ted Baerresen, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Color Print Edition


"I thoroughly enjoyed this read....I got my maps out of California & Nevada and followed along with the text. Great Job to all...!" Douglas H. Bethune, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition


"Five Stars! Great book of the glory days of Railroading. I also am a retired Locomotive Engineer." Amazon Customer, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition

"Five Stars! A good history of working for the railroad with the transition of steam to diesel engines." Ham, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition

"Great read! This is a great book for any railfan." Thomas Visintainer, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition

"Excellent read! Great book wished it was 1000 pages long grew up in Redding my dad was a signal maintainer for sp in Redding a lot of stories in book take place in my dad's district." Dennis McIntyre Jr., 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition

"A must read for anyone who dreamed of becoming an engineer! As a railfan and retired 31-year employee of Union Pacific Railroad I loved the book. I am very familiar with the places he worked and easily fell into his easy and thoughtful tales about the railroad. Too many railroad books are childish or vindictive." John Bromley, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition

"Interesting and very readable. An interesting collection. It was special interest to myself as an ex railway worker to compare many similarities and differences with procedures that applied to the New Zealand system during the same times." Alanma, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition

"Five stars! Very interesting and funny, GREAT read." Tim N. Tuggle, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition

"Enjoyable, fun reading." Viewman, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Kindle Edition

"I have your book on my bedside table. I've read it so much that I could quote each story and the pages are falling apart." SPH&TS member, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Color Print Edition

"You have written an excellent book on railroading. This book brings back many stories when I was railroading on the Sierra Northern. You have captured all the comedy, strangeness, everyday operations, and all the hazards that can be expected when employed on the railroad. Thanks for the memories! " Mike Gillman, "Old Man Muscle", 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Color Print Edition

"45 Years of True Railroad Stories is an enjoyable moment in time. It is a good, easy read, and ride, that transports the reader to a fellow traveler. Welcome to a front row seat, on a regulated journey, that allows you to experience first person moments in the life of John Cockrell." Earl R., 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Color Print Edition

"Me and my Dad, went to the Turlock train show today. I had an amazing time there. On my way out we stopped by John's booth. I saw the pictures on his lap top of all his pictures he took over his 45 years in railroading. They were all really awesome pictures. I got to talk to him and ask him a few questions which was an experience I will never forget! With all that I bought his book and started reading it as soon as I got home! When I am reading it, I feel like I am in his shoes. like I was there along with him. I love reading this book a lot! I have loved trains since I was 1 year old! I am 21 years old now. There is never a day that goes by that my love of trains disappears. I have a train simulation game that is REALLY realistic. Also very fun to play. With that I just want to thank Mr. John Cockrell for letting me speak with him for what seemed like minutes and minutes. Telling his stories, which I loved hearing. Also I want to thank Mrs. Sheri Cockrell for writing all this and putting it into a book! Looks like alot of hours was put into it. I love reading this book. Thank you guys for everything today! I hope to catch up with you guys here in the near future! Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year." Sincerely, Shaun Chisholm, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Color Print Edition

"Gary and I LOVE it! Warm and masculine too. A great read from the heart that everyone will enjoy." Gisela and Gary Butler, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Color Print Edition

"I LOVE it! It had me laughing the whole time." General Store Manager. Roaring Camp Railroads, 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Color Print Edition

"Many books have been written about the history of railroad companies, their locomotives and equipment, but it is hard to find good books featuring the railroaders themselves. The book, '45 Years of True Railroad Stories' fills in this rarely documented niche. It is exceptional in that it is written, in this case, by author Sheri Cockrell and her husband, Southern Pacific locomotive engineer, John Cockrell. John starts the story with a few earliest experiences with trains as a child. He started his engine service career with the Southern Pacific Railroad as a fireman in August 1955. That was the period when steam engines were being phased out on the railroads, as diesel locomotives were taking over. John relates how he was fortunate to have gotten some trips on the steam locomotives before they all disappeared. John soon became an engineer and worked on many SP divisions, first from Los Angeles to Indio and Yuma, AZ. He transferred to Roseville to work on "The Hill," SP's historic First Transcontinental Line over the Sierra Nevada mountainous crossing to Truckee and Sparks, NV. He also had years working on the north of Roseville on SP's Shasta Route through Gerber and up the Sacramento River Canyon to Dunsmuir. The reader will find John's recollections, presented in short stories, historic, sometimes serious and sometimes humorous. I find them interesting and fascinating as they give insight into what railroading is like from the right-hand side of a locomotive cab. They are in railroad vernacular (defined in an excellent glossary) so the reader will know exactly what John is talking about! It contains photographs that enhance the stories. Anyone who wants to learn about what an engineer's experiences and life are like will want to get this book. I found it most enjoyable to read."

Bob Church, SP steam locomotive historian-author. 45 Years of True Railroad Stories, Color Print Edition

"Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire is a "must-read" for every mom who has her own business. These 21 very accomplished women have come together to provide top-level advice and valuable insights into how to have a happy family and a thriving business at the same time. The DSWA is proud to collaborate with ThriveTM Publishing on this incredible resource." Nicki Keohobau, CEO and Co-Founder, Direct Selling Women's Alliance

"Incredible Business is a must-have resource for anyone who is serious about building a successful business and wants to give themselves a clear advantage in today's marketplace." Larry Pinci & Phil Glosserman, business coaches, sales trainers and co-authors.

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