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Building Business is Our PASSION!

We're all about sharing our business knowledge through affordable,

'Knowledge is Power' workshops!

     Our MISSION: Provide Quality First-Hand Business Ownership Information, Affordable Services,                                            and Inspirational Support to first and long-time business owners.

     Our Work Principles, Faith-based: Hard-work, Integrity, Honesty, Servitude and Prayer                 

            Are coupled with: Determination, Focus, Drive, Tenacity and Confidence

What makes us unique?

     Hands-on experience in multi-business ownership, operations, and book design:

Original Equipment - from invention to national distribution

Brick and Mortar - turnkey retail store purchase and operation

Product Development - creative design for wholesale and retail sales

ECommerce - online sales

Training - management and operations

Events Organizing - tradeshow and workshop development and participation

Author Steps - Manuscript to layout to publishing

We Look Forward to Working With You! 

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Sheri Cockrell


Creative Director, Goal Strategist                           
45 Years Railroad
TMJS ProductsTM, TruckStuffTM,
Expert Business Services
45 Years of True Railroad Stories
Adventures of a Railroad EngineerTM
Follow: Samuel Francine Matt GeorgieTM                          Contributing Author:
Incredible Business

Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
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As a small business owner veteran with more than 31 years of experience in small business ownership, start to finish set-up and operations, I know first-hand what it takes to avoid many of the time-wasting, money-sucking mistakes that many business owners make.

   I write in multiple genres.

   An invitation to co-author my first books, Incredible Business, and Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, led me to the path that I am now enjoying to the fullest - bringing words and books to life. ​

   My self-published books include:

45 Years of True Railroad StoriesTM , a memoir, Adventures of a Railroad EngineerTM, a children's book, and my newest work, 

FOLLOW: Samuel.Francine.Matt.GeorgieTMa thriller written for my mother's love of suspense.

   This book has been appreciatively compared to the writing style of author Dean Koontz and plot style of Criminal Minds!

   Submitting and publishing most of my books and workbooks on my own saved me thousands of dollars in fees. Most importantly, achieving this allowed me to keep all of the rights to my books. 

Confidentiality,  Discretion, Confidence, Creativity, and Achievable goals is what I bring to the projects that you entrust me with. My philosophies on life: God first. Love. Family. Friends. Never give up. Never stop learning. Never stop loving. 



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Featuring Retired SP/UP Railroad Engineer

John Cockrell

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"Sharing my railroad experiences is my PASSION!

I want people to know what it was like to work for the railroad - how the railroad operates, what the crews go through, how the railroad changed since I hired on - until I retired.

Most people see a train as a cool thing, but they don't have a clue as to what goes on behind the scenes."  


When faced with the dilemma of  choosing how to have our manuscript published, I wasn't sure if we had the time to look for a literary agent to present our book to a traditional publisher (which can take up to 4 years), and couldn't comprehend paying the $10,000 quote from a self-publishing outfit, so, I embarked on the task of publishing our book on my own!  45 Years of True Railroad StoriesTM was born. A 300-page layout, with pictures and cover design - ALL AT A LOW COST!

Since then I have published my books, along with helping others to achieve their dream of becoming a published author.

CONTACT ME I look forward to hearing from you!

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